Song Artist Ash Devine

 Award Winning Songwriter Ash Devine

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  • Blessings on Your Journey - Latest Album Blessings on Your Journey - Latest Album "Blessings on Your Journey" contains musical collaborations with musicians F.M Turner, Laurence Cole, Aimee Ringle and George Rezendes.
  • Community Programs Community Programs Ash Devine runs a variety of community programs including Caring Clowns and more!
  • Connection "I dedicate a large portion of my artistic endeavors to the inquiry of re-connection, with people, with the planet, with ourselves." - Ash Devine Connection
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  • Activism “Ash Devine personifies Appalachian activism through her powerful lyrics and styles” – David Elrod, Altamont Studio’s Asheville, NC Activism
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Ash Devine is an award winning songwriter, folk rock musician, caring clown, theater artist and social activist based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville North Carolina. Her musical style spans across genres of contemporary folk, traditional Appalachian, jazz, world and experimental. In 2014, Ash Devine released her second collection of Original music, “Blessings on Your Journey”, a dynamic collection of heart felt songs with universal messages of social justice, love, human struggle and earth advocacy.

On stage, Ash engages audiences in story and she encourages participation. Ash Devine has been described as a contemporary Pete Seeger type of performer. The music is like Pete Seeger Joan Biaz, Arlo Guthrie, Michelle Shocked, Joan Armatrading, Neil Young.

Available Programs: Ash Devine offers full length original concerts for the public, customized concerts for private events, instrumental accompaniment, music lessons and mentoring, emcee services, educational programs for children and interactive sing along and play programs for elderly and persons with special needs. To book Ash Devine for your next event, workshop or program, please visit the contact page.

 “Her folk Fusion style gleans sounds of Appalachia, old time blues and jazz and traditional ballads. Songs are played on Guitar, Ukulele and powerful vocals that whisper like an old timey back woods wind. ” -Beth Simpson 




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  1. Just listened to you at Odd Fellows here in Floyd, VA. Bought your new CD. I realy enjoy it. You have great spiritual insight and the world needs more folks like you…Ken

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