About Ash Devine

Ash Devine is an Asheville NC based Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Music Educator, Theater Artist and Caring Clown.


Ash Devine’s Available Music

Ash Devine's Debut Album Co-produced by F.M Turner and Ash Devine 2008

“Ash Devine personifies Appalachian activism through her powerful lyrics and styles”David Elrod, Altamont Studio’s Asheville, NC

Ash’s Debut album, ‘Bird Must Fly’ co- produced by F.M Turner and Ash Devine was recorded in Blacksburg VA, and mixed and mastered in Asheville, NC and is now available for download or mail order.

Ash’s second album  ‘Blessings On Your Journey’ was released in 2015  and is now available for download or mail order.


Some of Ash’s musical influences range from folk artists such as Joni Mitchell, Ani Difranco, and Bob Dylan, to Appalachian Traditional, Blues and local musicians whom have surrounded her lifetime.






“I like to write about life, people and the world surrounding them. I believe that expression and collaboration is a pathway to social change, community building and peace.”Ash Devine

Ash Devine’s degree in Theater and her work as a humanitarian clown shows in her stage performances. Her outgoing, friendly and humorous stage presence pleases crowds with occasional audience participation, and story telling.

Ash produces folk-music variety shows with grassroots artists.




Ash Devine and Caring Clowns

Ash is known for her work as a “Humanitarian Musical Clown” and for her musical programs in service settings.

FV-Hopital-9-8-2010 (14)Ash began clowning after studying with the famous Patch Adams and Geshundheit! Institute. Since 2008, Ash has traveled with GI! on over five Global Outreach missions to practice humanitarian musical clowning in medical facilities, orphanages and schools.

In the USA Ash runs a variety of programs community programs. She leads interactive music programs and clown workshops for elderly and youth and Ash leads volunteer clowns and musicians on excursions to local nursing homes.