Caring Clowns

Ash Devine the Musical Clown

Ash Devine as a Clown: 

Ash is known for her work as a “Humanitarian Musical Clown” and for her musical programs in service settings. “The red nose is a trick to get love closer”- Patch Adams

Ash began clowning after studying with the famous Patch Adams and Geshundheit! Institute. Since 2008, Ash has traveled with GI! on over five Global Outreach missions to practice humanitarian musical clowning in medical facilities, orphanages and schools.  

In the USA Ash is a leader of a variety of programs. Ash produces folk-music variety shows with grassroots artists, Ash leads interactive music programs and clown workshops for elderly and youth and Ash leads volunteer clowns and musicians on excursions to local nursing homes. 

” Arts and music play a very important role in societal structure and in the lives of people and all creatures.  I dedicate a large portion of my artistic endeavors to the inquiry of re-connection, with people, with the planet, with ourselves. I want to play music and create theater that affects people, that catalyzes positive change and contributes to healing. This planet and its inhabitants need a lot of healing and as far as I can tell, now is the time to get creative with that process. I think that creative arts are our most potent tool for re-connection, realization and the creation of  desired sustainable culture.”  – Ash Devine

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Available Workshops and Services:  All Programs designs are based on the needs and desires of each facility or event and the workshop participants. The following is a brief synopsis of program services that we can offer. Speak with us about the type of service would best fit your program!

1.Sing-Along Musical Entertainment: A Selection of Sing along songs, mixed with originals.
2.Formal Auditorium Performance: Guitar and Vocals performed singer-songwriter style performing a selection of songs from Ash Devine’s repertoire Set list chosen based on desires of the facility.
 3. Musical Workshops: Sing Along workshops including instruments provided for participants appropriate for their physical abilities and age group.
 4.Room-to-Room Visits:  For medical facilities. Holding hands, listening to stories, companionship, and brief art projects with residents, music and song sharing.
 5. Children’s Sing-Along Performance: Sing along sessions and intro to clowning for kids ages 1-13, includes percussion instruments and costumes for participants.
7. Conflict Resolution and Image Theater:  Group theater forms for community building and conflict resolution based on the work of Augusto Boal. 

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