Ash Devine and Friends – Bios


Ash Devine: Lead singer, lead songwriter/guitarist. Powerfully beautiful, breathy vocals, socially universal song topics, unique finger-picked world music influenced Ukulele, Appalachian/jazz/world fused acoustic guitar style.




Cellist Franklin Keel :  First Chair Cellist of Asheville Symphony, Cellist for “Sirius B”, songwriter and composer.







1005674_584806281570769_1887712430_n Bassist F.M Turner: Co-Producer of Ash’s album “Bird Must Fly”, Award Winning Bass Player for “The Floorboards” . F.M is also a recording artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Ash and F.M have been playing together for over 15 years and have an amazing connective stage presence.


Saro Lynch Thomason:  When award winning ballad singer, activist, folklorist and song catcher Saro-Lynch Thomason performs vocal harmonies with Ash Devine, their sound is both haunting and playful.  View Saro’s music here view Saro’s project to preserve appalachian heritage and end mountaintop removal through music here .

Saro is also the designer and illustrator of Ash’s website banner, “Music For Folk”, 2014.