Ash Devine and Music For Folk: The History
Ash Devine is an Asheville NC based Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Caring Clown and a multi-disciplinary performance artist. Ash’s Debut album, ‘Bird Must Fly’ co- produced by F.M Turner and Ash Devine was recorded in Blacksburg VA, and mixed and mastered in Asheville, NC. Since its release, Ash has been expanding her work as a performance artist by leading participatory music workshops in nursing homes and other community settings. It is said that Ash Devine has the freshest sound in the indie-folk music scene, and her message as a performer is steeped in social change.
The award-winning songwriter has an original yet familiar sound, with powerful dreamy vocal presence and a mind blowing finger-picking guitar style, this unique sound is perking ears everywhere.
Ash Devine the Musical Clown:
Ash Devine’s Degree in Theater, and her work as a humanitarian clown shows in her stage performances. Her outgoing, friendly and humorous stage presence pleases crowds with occasional audience participation, and story telling. Ash studied for 2 years with the Geshundheit Institue and Patch Adams, doing clowning and musical performance in medical facilities, nursing homes and schools internationally.

“Ash Devine personifies Appalachian activism through her powerful lyrics and styles” -David Elrod, Altamont Studio’s Asheville, NC

Ash: “I like to write about life, people and the world surrounding them. I believe that expression and collaboration is a pathway to social change, community building and peace.”

Some of Ash’s musical influences range from folk artists such as Joni Mitchell, Ani Difranco, and Bob Dylan, to ¬†Appalachian Traditional, Blues and local musicians whom have surrounded her lifetime.


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  1. Hi! I hope you’re the Ash I’m looking for. I heard that Ash Divine was looking for childcare opportunities so I googled you. The message came through the Unitarian Church in Asheville to a friend of mine. My son Beck is starting Montessori school in Asheville soon and I need after school care. We also know two other little schoolmates looking for part-time help, but I’m flexible about all that. I’m definitely looking for help from 2:45 to 4:30ish each day though. Beck is 3, super sweet and fun, and we’d love to talk to you if you’re interested! My email is or you can call me at 828-545-8156. Thanks! And he LOVES music!!

  2. I saw you perform at the craft sale at Pritchard Park today, Saturday, 10/26. This was the first time I saw you. I loved your playing and singing. It was very moving to me. I bought one of your CD’s, and I really love it, too. The look in your eyes as you performed revealed what appeared to be a very loving and compassionate person, and after viewing your website and reading about the “caring clown”, and also some of your blog posts I see that this is indeed true. I think it is absolutely awesome that you are doing this. Keep up the good work. The world needs more people like you.

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