Badlands – By Maggie Clifford

The first Week of the Educational Clown Tour:
Sept 15th/ 16th

Yesterday we woke in the Badlands – pyramids of ancient rock appeared in the darkness when we arrived. Like beats on the bass drum, headlights revealed formations out of moonlit silence. Ash and I meditated by moonlight, and worked our warrior bodies to prepare to leave before daybreak. Wind whipped through the tent, across the almost tree less landscape, the grass sung us to sleep.

Woke as the red sun lit the still starry, stilly dark, now moonless sky.

We packed bags in the morning darkness, headed for Wyoning. Went up 10,000 feet after discouraging words format he ladies in the grocery store. Good thing we didn’t listen to them. Sun surprised us at the top of the mountain – raided the visitor center, married for 60 years, Robert and Betty told us about Big Horn National Park. We drove some, sunned naked on rocks, went up, up, up to the Medicine Wheel, and slept at the Western Motel in Lovell, Wyoming.

Up next…Yellowstone!!