Educational Clown Tour 2010

Beginning summer and fall of 2010, Ash Devine and Loveful Heights will hit the road for the Musical Clown Tour, an educational community out-reach performance project. The group will perform at farmers markets, music venues, schools and nursing homes bringing joy, love, original music and audience participation to communities across the USA.
Ash Devine is a Song-writer, Caring Clown, and Theater Artist based in Asheville, NC where she orchestrates Humanitarian Clowning projects and performs regularly at some of Asheville’s Favorite venues and farmers markets.
Loveful Heights is a female Duo based in Rochester, NY. Maggie and Kat (Loveful Heights) are both talented singers, whom just recently studied vocal techniques in India last year.
Ash Devine and Loveful Heights are excited to go on tour to share their newly released Cd’s and love for community-outreach projects with the USA.
The “Educational Clown Tour”, is an idea originating from Ash Devine, who has traveled with Clown Doctor and Health Care Activist Patch Adams. The Goals of the tour are to: Perform and promote new network with grassroots organizations, present collective touring as a model for music and arts for social change, to provide educational programs to schools and communities, and to have fun!